The Best Italian Materials
The footwear, is built thanks to the manual skills of the greatest master craftsmen of the Valencian school, the world capital of the goldsmith's art, and the production is entirely Italian.

Elena Kolt dresses the woman for every occasion, from the comfortable walk to the Gala evening.

The materials that make up the shoes are of the highest quality, Tuscan leather of first choice for soles, leather, tassels and exclusively kidskin for.

the 'inside of the shoes in order to ensure maximum comfort to the foot.
The footwear is embellished with real jewels, applications in 925 silver, Manhein gold details (gold galvanized metal alloy), Swarovski stones, lace including Chantilly and lace from the culture of the ancient Valencian tradition.

Elena Kolt's projects were inspired by the design culture of Italian design, she combined her experimentation and contamination of different eras, leading her to begin this journey as a fashion designer.

The only common thread of Elena Kolt's collection is luxury - Art meets Fashion.

Art was the starting point and creativity of the designer. Bringing the culture of Italian fashion into the world by taking a journey through different eras, with the desire to revive the magic and preciousness of different historical periods in every footwear. Every detail is researched in order to enhance the shapes and make the model irresistible. The Elena Kolt collection, in limited edition, gives a dream, the maximum essence of refinement that translates into elegance of the woman who decides to wear it.

Each model tells a story. The collection is dedicated to women who want to wear the preciousness from which comes the inspiration to make the shoe a real jewel.